Cucina – the Italian Kitchen delivers the authentic Italian experience through its spectacular décor and its appealing dishes, passionately prepared by our Italian Chef with only the best Italian ingredients.
The atmosphere recreates the spirit of a rustic Italian Tuscany farmhouse, including the lovely Italian hospitality created by our warm and passionate team. The Italian food choices are best served next to a glass from our fine selection of wines.
The open kitchen will let you see and feel the pleasure of cooking lovely foods by the Italian Chef and his staff.
Don’t be too surprised if you see our regular clients greeting each other or if they share hugs with our staff in their way out. Everything is perfectly normal in an Italian restaurant such as Cucina, where the waiters are singing canzonets while serving your food, accompanying the live afternoon piano music.
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Caciucco classico alla Livornese

If you are longing for the authentic Italian dining experience, Cacciucco classico alla Livornese is the answer.
With a history that stretches back at least 500 years, it is one of the most popular Italian dishes. It's unique, rich and flavorful taste will take you in an instant trip to Tuscany and will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about the Italian cuisine. The mighty soup contains no less than 7 types of fresh fish and seafood and is made to share - our Cacciucco classico comes in a traditional pot and is just enough to please the appetite of an entire family.

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