Spring is in the air!

The spring equinox has passed, daylight saving time has begun so we’re now facing longer days, with lots of sunshine, a definite sign that spring is here to stay. It’s the time when all of us start yearning to be outdoors and get inspired by the rejuvenating nature. We start needing new beginnings and new findings to enrich and better our days. We start dreaming about exploring beautiful places, to soothe this new thirst for discoveries.

Inhale, exhale. Repeat. Spring carries a lot of small joys with it, but there’s none other like the simple wonder of stooping in front of a blooming tree to admire it’s radiant beauty and promise of new life. Take a walk amid the majestic magnolias,  the golden explosion of forsythia, the blooming apricots and all of that surrounding, overwhelming greenness. It will make you feel refreshed and immersed into the spirit of spring’s beauty. And trust us, springtime in Bucharest can and will surprise you.

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Get inspired. Only a few steps away from the hotel, at the end of a uncanny pathway, lies Cotroceni neighborhood, one of the most precious hidden gems of Bucharest. As one of the oldest and finest quartiers, Cotroceni is packed with wonders, stories, well kept streets with old nobility houses, proudly showcasing beautiful doors and large windows, while ancient trees guard the lush gardens. Did we get you curious yet?

Well then, all you need to do is step outside of the hotel, cross the parking lot and head on the bland street on your left side. This will lead you to some adventurous stairs where you will sure stop and feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland: “shall I dare to  step down?”. Yes, most definitely do that! Be cautions, take on a firm grip on the rail, you’re only 30 paces away from a truly magical place.

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Explore the charming streets, catch sight of the most beautiful houses, contemplate the architectural details and choose your favorite corner. Visit the notable sights of the area such as the Cotroceni Museum and Cotroceni Palace (actually the Presidential Palace), Botanical Garden, Romanian Military Academy, National Opera House, Saint Elefterie Church, or the Faculty of Medicine. With an crucial role in the development of the area and not only, the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy dominates the Eroilor vicinity and a lot of streets in the area were named after famous doctors. But medical celebrities are not the only ones: home for aristocratic families and cultural personalities that have lived -and still live- on this grounds, shaping the essence of Romanian cultural, social and economical life.

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A walk through Cotroceni is a true inspiration on so many levels.

Stay cool. If you’re not convinced yet, note that Cotroceni neighborhood has been recently included in Top 20 coolest neighborhoods in Europe! Travel Supermarket, in partnership with top travel bloggers Adam Goffman and Emily Ray, have listed Cotroceni next to famous neighborhoods like Malasana from Madrid, Poble Sec from Barcelona, Ancoats from Manchester or Kreuzberg from Berlin.

Unwind. Choose one of the charming little bistros, terraces, cafés or intimate tea houses that Cotroceni has to offer. Discover that one that speaks to you or use a map to unlock the secrets of the area, and just relax over a delicious cup of heaven.

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Take snapshots. Capture every single moment, landscape or thrill that you unravel during your walk, in an unforgettable photo to last for a lifetime.

Collection of memories. Because we love the place so much, as part of the lobby events series, we plan a unique photography exhibition of candid images from Cotroceni. The exhibition to take place in May is aims to convey the spirit and charm of the neighborhood, depicting secret corners, gardens, houses and architectural high points.

Photo credit www.octavianbalea.com

… Then, stay for a while more!  Right after Easter, another all-time-favorite attraction will be available – hotel’s terrace The Garden will reopen for the summer, a moment that both us and our guests anxiously await. The peaceful oasis, perfect for spring contemplation or as a hide-out during the scorching days of summer, will welcome guests for noon to midnight, with an more health conscious menu, kids’ playground and oh-so-appreciated Happy Hour for cocktails and long drinks, every day between 4 and 6 pm. Yes, you get two instead of one J!

But until that happy time when we’ll have The Garden open 12 hours a day, depending on the weather conditions, Champions, the indoor restaurant, will remain available.