The Garden

Looking for a way to escape from a busy day or want to take an impromptu vacation in the middle of the week? The Garden is the green getaway from Bucharest’s everyday noise and speed.
Enjoy a relaxing experience in the sunny-cool Garden every time you want to pause your busy lifestyle. Choose to feel refreshed and relaxed every time you feel that you’d enjoy some time off.
The green oasis feel of The Garden is completed with appealing fresh lunch and dinner options and some must-try desserts, such as the home-made ice-creams or the cakes of your choice.
Your kids will enjoy some fun outdoor time in our special playground, where they’ll feel free to play and make new friends, while you sip from your flavored lemonade. Meet us for coffee and Danish pastry in the morning, starting with 10:00 AM and for a la carte menu, starting with 12:00 PM. On rainy days or chilly evenings, our outdoorsy Champions go back to more cozy indoors…

Teriyaki salmon salad

Are you looking for a super-light feel after lunch or dinner? We think our Teriyaki salmon salad is quite a catch. Green, healthy and amazingly tasty, this salad will pamper your senses and give you the energy boost that you need during summer-time.




Bad weather doesn’t stop the party
We move to Champions Sports Bar!

On rainy days or chilly evenings, our outdoorsy champions go back to more cozy indoors.

Passionate about first class cuisine?
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